Schwarze Akte

  • The "Schwarze Akte" (Black File) is a brand of Julep Studios, the only German podcast provider that offers all areas of podcast marketing from a single source - with now around 120 podcasters and more than 1.5 million marketable streams per month.

  • Since 19.05.2020, Julep has been publishing a new episode of "Schwarze Akte" every week More than 80 episodes have already been published, each lasting between half an hour and an hour.

  • Anne and Christopher, the hosts, talk about real mysterious criminal cases and puzzle over what might really have happened as well as speculating about possible backgrounds

  • "Schwarze Akte" is one of the top true crime podcasts in Germany.

Target group  

  • Primary: 28-44 year old, female
  • Secondary: 23-28 year-olds and 44-59 year-old females, and males around 28-59 year old

License area

  • GAS


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